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Over the past 20 years, Women Partners in Health has grown to become one of the largest all-female practices in Central Texas. Belonging to Central Texas ObGyn Associates (CTOA) affords us the freedom to focus on patient care, and to draw upon the strength of a combined 587 years of experience. At Women Partners in Health, we believe that you deserve compassionate and uncompromised medical care in a relaxed, comfortable environment. We see every woman as unique and deserving of respect. If you would like to partner with an obgyn dedicated to helping you flourish throughout every phase of life, contact us at our south location, Southwest Medical Village, off Southwest Parkway.


  • Natasya Ikbal, MD
  • Amy Kung, MD
  • Felicia Nash, MD
  • Donell Oliver, MD
  • Stephanie Reich, MD
  • Karen Swenson, MD
  • Diana Weihs, MD
  • Vanessa Yium, MD


Featured News Post

05/10/2019 - Colon Cancer: Studies show that the best prevention for colon cancer is regular colonoscopy screenings. Did you know that during routine colonoscopy screenings your gastroenterologist can actually detect AND REMOVE precancerous polyps before they have a chance to turn into

03/23/2019 - During a recent social luncheon, one guest mentioned that a friend had just been diagnosed with skin cancer. “Thankfully, it was just skin cancer,” said the woman, “It’s not like it’s one of the big ones, you know, like real

11/15/2016 - One of my patients recently expressed this concern: “People always tell me I look tired, what can I do to improve this look for the New Year?” This is a common question, as patients want to look as young as