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Greater Austin Pain Center and Dr. Alan Silberberg want to relieve your pain and help you feel like yourself again. Through interventional pain management techniques, we can minimize or eliminate pain from any source – including post-surgery, accidents, arthritis, cancer pain, back and neck pain, and more.

We believe in treating the whole patient – not just the symptoms – so that you have the best chance of being pain-free for a long time to come. Our state-of-the-art pain management procedures are highly effective in eliminating and relieving pain. However, Dr. Silberberg believes pain management can be even more successful by coordinating pain care approaches for the best treatment outcomes.


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02/19/2020 -   Five PFP providers have been named the top doctors of 2020 by Austin Monthly! Congratulations to Dr.’s Anne Spencer, Kevin Spencer, Gregory Berkley, Gurneet Kohli, and Robert Ondash for making the cut for Austin Monthly’s Top Doctors of 2020!

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05/10/2019 - Colon Cancer: Studies show that the best prevention for colon cancer is regular colonoscopy screenings. Did you know that during routine colonoscopy screenings your gastroenterologist can actually detect AND REMOVE precancerous polyps before they have a chance to turn into

11/15/2016 - One of my patients recently expressed this concern: “People always tell me I look tired, what can I do to improve this look for the New Year?” This is a common question, as patients want to look as young as