Healthy Summer Feet

Summer is upon us and with the ensuing summer heat, we will soon be heading to pools and taking part in a variety of outdoor activities. When it comes to the lower extremities, here are some helpful tips to keep the feet safe and free of infections and injury:

  • Always remember to wear appropriate shoe gear (i.e. tennis shoes, sneakers) when participating in sporting activities such as running, softball, etc. This will help prevent ankle sprains and foot fractures from taking place.
  • While most people remember to put sunblock on their faces, they often do not remember to protect their legs and feet. This skin is exposed to the sun on a continuous basis and needs to be protected from UV rays much like the face and arms.
  • When walking on hot sand or next to the pool, remember to protect your feet from burns and foreign objects by wearing sandals. This will help prevent objects like glass from entering the bottom of the foot and possibly causing an infection.
  • Prevent toenail fungus and skin infections by making sure to dry well in between toes after water activities. Be sure to walk with sandals in moist areas such as pools, saunas, and shared showers.


Summertime will be filled with many memorable moments for children and adults alike. During this time, it is important to remember that foot and ankle health will allow us to take part in all of the great summer activities. However, if a situation arises where there is an injury or problem due to any foot or ankle issue, remember that the physicians at Southwest Austin Foot and Ankle Clinic are here to help.